Rural Bachelors

Over the past 30 years, the development of the market economy, the advancement of urbanization, and the implementation of family planning policies have all contributed to the gender imbalance in China. Under this gender structure with severe  imbalances between men and women, the bachelor issue has become its product. In rural areas, especially in remote rural areas and mountainous areas, due to the unbalanced urban-rural dualism and the influence of rural patriarchal concepts, almost all rural areas have different levels of female deficiencies.

According to sociologists’ surveys, the ratio of leftover males in some villages is about 3%. If a simple estimate is made, there will be about 20 million leftover males in the country’s peak period, with an average of 680,000 administrative villages. Each village will There will be nearly 30 left men.

The tens of millions of bachelor’s problems of marriage and love are causing more serious social problems: for example, the bachelor’s sexuality is not satisfied, and he has to force the opposite sex to have sexual relations; as well as the destruction of traditional ethics and ethics: in some rural areas, some bachelors will divorced husbands cause family disputes.